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  • Lesley Wells Clinical Liaison Manager
    Lesley Wells

    Lesley Wells

    Clinical Liaison Manager

    I’m LMA’s Clinical Liaison Manager and a qualified nurse, am able to help with any queries regarding which type of Expert is needed.

    I have worked for LMA for 14 years.

    Call: 0161 908 0399

  • Stacey Jackson Medical Claim Handler
    Stacey Jackson

    Stacey Jackson

    Medical Claim Handler

    Worked for LMA for almost 10 years, helping to promote LMA services and providing Solicitors with a swift response when:

    Arranging appointments, providing screening reports, dealing with medical negligence cases.

    Arranging further treatment, such as physiotherapy or an MRI scan

    Account queries/billing

    Call: 0161 908 0399

  • Caroline Thornton Medical Claim Handler
    Caroline Thornton

    Caroline Thornton

    Medical Claim Handler

    My name is Caroline Thornton and I work as a case handler with LMA.

    I have been with LMA for 2 years now, and love  the busy, diverse environment within the LMA Team.

    LMA are highly customer service focused and we provide an efficient, friendly service to Solicitors, Medical Experts, Clients,

    GP & Hospital Departments, Diagnostic Providers and Prison Departments.

    LMA is staffed from 9:00 until 17:30 Monday to Friday,  and we are a small tight knit team, who aim to assist in the smooth Transition of Personal Injury Claims from commencement to Settlement

    Call: 0161 908 0399LinkedIn

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Proving & Disproving Psychiatric Injury

If a claimant who has been exposed to trauma describes psychiatric symptoms to a psychiatrist accepted by the court as an expert, who then reports that the claimant has, say, post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the litigated event, has the claimant proved the medical aspect of his case?

Scientists discover a new way to enhance nerve growth following injury

New research published out of the University of Calgary's Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI) uncovers a mechanism to promote growth in damaged nerve cells as a means to restore connections after injury.